Good communication between the toolmaker and moulder is the key to a successful project.

Whether it is mould making, component design or mould design, your input is invaluable.

CGP encourage you to be involved in the mould design and manufacturing process. If you choose to, you are encouraged to add your expertise to the mix from the very beginning of the project.

All moulds derived from your 3d and 2d drawings will be based on your files. Your input is welcome at any time especially during the tool design stage - putting metal back on is always a little trickier than taking it off!.

Once the design is complete you will receive PDF, DXF, prints or a 3d file of all tool drawings for your records. Furthermore, all paperwork relating to your tooling project is archived for a minimum of 10 years at CGP.

As is the case these days, all cavity work, general toolmaking and manufacturing is touched by CAD and CAM. Our whole team of toolmakers use PC workstations in the CAD office and on the shop floor to complete your tooling projects.

All our staff are highly trained in handcraft and CAD/CAM techniques. Jaguar, Ford and Khola Mira are just a few of the companies that have, and still do benefit from our commitment to the success of their projects.

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