P20 steel toolmaking

Pre-toughened steel (P20) lends itself well to more complicated prototype, and/or pre production tooling, as well as long term low volume repeat moulding.

Pre-production tooling

Calculating the flow of a material such as Grivory (50% long strand glass filled) through a multi-drop manifold and cavity area is not currently possible using conventional means (Mould Flow Analysis) because of the characteristics of the material and glass fibres.

On this occasion the client requested a P20 pre-production tool which simulated the exact feed type and moulding conditions of the proposed production tool.

The information we and the client gathered from the tool testing was then used when designing and, manufacturing the production tool, saving us both valuable production time and money.

Low to moderate volume repeat moulding orders

Repeat moulding orders of 5,000 to 30,000 parts per year over a number of years is not unusual. To see new components on sale which have recently been moulded on P20 or hardened tools, that we delivered a decade or more ago, is a pleasure. It clearly shows that a clients’ investment in the robust tooling we produced is still paying dividends after so many years.

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