Hardened production toolmaking

Moulds using hardened inserts and movement will produce parts that retain their quality over what could be millions of parts.

90% of the moulds that CGP Engineering produces are P20 or Fully Hardened.

Over the years we have been involved in manufacturing tools with unscrewing mechanisms, cams, 'up & aways' and side actions for clients in sectors such as industrial, automotive, electrical and medical.

One interesting tool used six hydraulic cylinders with 200mm of draw, 14 side actions, M10 thread inserts and a hot tip feed.

Fully built (including the cylinders), the tool was 1500mm wide and weighed 1400kg.

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On another occasion we delivered an 8 impression tool producing a thin walled component. It used an 8 drop Husky manifold with valve gates. The tool used 16 up & aways.

Most of the cavity work was hard machined leaving minimal spark eroding time. The fine machining not only shortened the lead time, it also reduced the cost to mirror polish the fixed half of the mould.

Initial proving for this £85,000 tool was a six day non-stop run which produced 385,000 parts.

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