CNC spark erosion

Our CNC die sink EDM facility is incredibly flexible. With 15 tool stations, rotating ‘C’axis and a 1200x750 tank, the gantry style eroder will fit your mould making needs, giving you consistent surface finishes and accuracy along with time and cost saving ‘lights out’ production.

With a movement of 750x500, 15 station automatic tool change and an accuracy of better than 0.01mm, your jobs will be completed with the capability to exactly repeat the job, you expect with new generation machines.

We have sparked jobs for mould makers, pattern makers, aerospace and precision engineering companies, enabling them to complete projects without having to invest in expensive machinery.

Our CNC Sparker uses one of the best generators on the market today. This enables us to obtain consistent, accurate finishes, faster and with less wear. The machine tool also has the option of removing some, or all of the electrode mounting stations, to make full use of the vast tank size.

We can rotate the C-axis whilst sparking - essential for helical forms such as threads that need to be added after a part has been hardened. Undercuts are also easily catered for.

All of our spark erosion machines are fitted with Erowa chucks. These enable accurate, reliable and swift electrode transfer.

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