4 Axis Wire Erosion

Slide fits and tapered profiles are achievable using wire erosion. Our wire erosion facilities allow us to machine profiles through parts up to 400mm high and, using 0.25mm diameter wire, we can produce internal corner radii of as little as 0.13mm. This capability enables us to produce your "up and away" cores with greater accuracy and repeatability.

We can also cut the profiles with tapered sides (up to 30° depending on the height). This enables us to produce mould tool "up and away" cores with minimal fabrication.

The accuracy is dependant on the amount of skim cuts we take. For fast non-critical jobs we can use a single cut and have a tolerance of ±0.03mm. We can then add more passes to get to tolerances within ±0.004mm. These are obviously more time consuming, but necessary where high accuracy is essential.

We can wire erode steel (hardened and soft), aluminium, copper and carbide.

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