3D CNC milling

CGP has six vertical milling machines, all of which are networked to our PC workstations and CAD/CAM packages.

Machining in materials such as stainless steel, P20 steel, aluminium, cast iron and Model Board, creating your 3d forms is our speciality.

Using Showa and Mitsubishi tooling we have machined a diverse range of jobs, from manifold casting rigs for car engines to models of window opening mechanisms for tractor cabs.

All machines have auto tool changing capabilities with carousels ranging from 20-30 tools. This is ideal for "lights out" machining, as we can program paths in the day and leave the machine to finish the parts over night. All that is then required is de-burring and clearing away any swarf.

Our machines are capable of 12000rpm (30000rpm via a speed increaser), allowing us to take advantage of all modern cutters and machine hardened steel.

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