Mould design

You can take advantage of our use of VISI CAD by Vero International Software, to develop mould designs that will always meet every one of your requirements.

Not just intent on designing tools that mould efficiently, thanks to intelligent component selection and feed positioning, we also take into account cooling and venting.

Indeed, mould storage issues are considered as part of the overall design, particularly when working with motors, hydraulics or unscrewing systems.

As both a surface and solid modeller VISI CAD is an extremely powerful tool. Split lines, side movement and draft angles can all be automatically detected on screen. This enables us to highlight any possible problem areas in the earliest stages of design, saving you valuable time and usually, money.

Using full 3d modelling for your mould designs, the intergrated Hasco, Meusburger, DME and DMS plate libraries produce fast and very accurate models.

Additionally, because every single item in the tool is modelled, from the cavity plates to the smallest threaded hole, we are able to utilise the incredibly powerful 'Compass' CAM software.

The software automatically recognises features such as tapped holes, pockets and the like. Then using a pre set tool library, Compass creates a complete machining program.

Annual investment of many thousands of pounds in training and technology reduces programming time, reduces instances of human error and increases the efficiency with which your mould is being made.

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