CGP hits 30 years old and is stronger than ever.

17 May 2016

CGP has now been in business for 30 years.

We have seen 5 Prime Ministers, worked through probably the same number of recessions including the incredibly painful crash of 2008/9 and seen the invention of things like Sat Nav, Google, mobile phones and the 'selfie'. Indeed we even saw Elton John marry... A woman!

As a company we have always embraced new technology, continually looking at ways that these new tools, whether they be machinery, software or methods of working, could be incorporated to make us better and more efficient toolmakers.

This technology driven approach has paid dividends. We make better quality moulds for our customers than ever before. However, the use of technology is no magic wand, it cannot replace good old fashioned engineering craftsmanship.

We will always need clever, dedicated toolmakers to drive the sophisticated machinery and software for the benefit of you, our customers.

Thank you all for the last 30 years. I look forward to the next 30!

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