A most welcome email from a customer.

11 September 2017


I just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to you and your team, from me personally. The JLR Box Seal tool was delivered this week and first shot samples produced yesterday.

This tool was produced to a good level of quality in a short lead time; not to mention to budget; with no issues or qualms from CGP. Without your assistance my company would have been in a very difficult situation., however we are now back on plan with no disruption to JLR.

It is easy sometimes to think that good service just happens; it doesn’t. While it is expected, in this case I feel that you went the extra mile.

Obviously we spoke about this while you were on site but, can you please pass my appreciation on to your team. I believe that my company and CGP can enjoy a strong future together.

Kind regards,

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