Jaguar Land Rover F Type styling

The Bonnet Bezel and Mesh tools were incredibly complex and challenging projects.

With a tight lead time (essential in automotive toolmaking), our clients needed the plastic parts to look perfect. After all, they were destined for the bonnet of the newly styled F Type Jaguar.

How did CGP help?

The Mesh tool used a fixed half stripper plate, actuated by four latch lock mechanisms, to pull the parts onto the moving half of the mould for standard ejection.

Part weld lines, filling and venting were closely scrutinised to ensure the parts received by Jaguar Land Rover were acceptable. Working closely with our clients, a clever mould design and feed system were developed.

The Bezel tool, a large 896x496 mould weighing 1,200kg used twelve side actions. A number of which moved on compound angles. In addition, there were four up and away ejector cores. The cavity 'A' surface geometry and finish was critically important. These parts were destined to be painted so any surface deviations would not be tolerated.

It was a pleasure supporting our clients in delivering beautifully crafted moulds and importantly, supplying super quality component parts to Jaguar Land Rover.

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