For nearly 30 years CGP Engineering Ltd have found success by supporting our clients. This success has been built by our team of thoughtful, hard working, conscientious toolmakers.

If you believe you would make a good addition to our team, then feel free to contact us.

We require:

Apprentice toolmaker

You must enjoy working as part of a team and using your own initiative to complete high quality work. You will be expected to use all CAD CAM and machinery at CGP to undertake and complete your work.

Skilled toolmaker

You would need to be able to work using you own initiative and work as part of a team.

Using 3d and 2d CAM software is essential. You need to be highly competent at creating cutter paths, using a selection of cutters from Depo style button tipped heads, to small solid carbide high feed rate cutting tools.

We use Machining Strategist CAM software by Vero. Training is freely available if you have not used this software or feel you need a refresher course.

Many of the tools we design and make use side actions, up and aways, two stage ejection, latch locks and other mechanisms. You must be familiar with these items and how they work.

We use wire and CNC spark erosion. If you have not used these types of machine before, full training will be given.

Essentially, we want to enjoy a good working environment and be proud of the work we deliver.

To apply

Send your details (CV) to Richard Parker using the address below or on the Contact page.

Sorry - No Agencies.